Welcome to Go Bananas Pre-School! We accept children from 2 years old an open Monday -Friday all year round (48 weeks of the year)

We are excited and proud of what we aim to achieve each day in the preschool and welcome visitors to meet us and learn about our childcare setting.

Our Go Bananas Preschool Manager is Angela Taylor and Sarah Drysdale is the Go Bananas Preschool Assistant Manager.

Go Bananas Preschool Fees


Go Bananas Preschool invoices termly.

Please note that all fees must be paid in advance of children attending. Failure to pay in advance will result in the childcare being terminated.

We are registered on the tax free childcare system and can accept payments through this.

We also accept 15 hour and 30 hour government funding.

Our Fees for the Sept 2021 - July 2022 academic year are:

All Day:
8.30am - 2.30pm (including lunch - £33.00
8.30am - 11.30am (not including lunch) - £16.50

To view our Go Bananas Pre-school & After School Club's Essex Local Offer, please click the link below:

What to expect!

Our friendly and encouraging Pre-School staff are committed to ensuring that all children who attend the Pre-School have an enjoyable time, with a wide range of experiences; all in a safe, secure and caring environment.

• Upon arrival, children are greeted by our staff and signed in. Drinking water/squash is always available along with a mid-morning snack each day.

•Children will have the chance to play in our Go Bananas soft play centre areas, whilst supervised by staff.

• We operate in our secure rooms, located upstairs in Go Bananas, where children have access to a wide range of different activities and resources. There is something for everyone, both whole group planned activities and the opportunity for free-choice.

• Favourite Activities include:

- Structured group games & activities:
- Arts & crafts
- Cookery
- Puzzles & board games
- Lego & building blocks
- Imaginative play
- Development of fine motor skills and understanding of the world around them
- Messy and Sensory play experiences and use of a wide range of re

• Children must be provided with a complete spare set of change of clothes by parents/guardians each day.

• While upstairs, children if staying for lunch will have a pre-planned hot meal and dessert each day. This is included as standard.

• We will use the full facilities of Go Bananas as well as that of the surrounding area, ensuring children have access to a wide range of facilities both indoors and outdoors.

• Our Staff will continually plan and set up a wide range of activities designed to cater for the children’s early learning developmental goals, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and build on this throughout sessions to ensure children develop whilst also being engaged. Children’s individual interests and needs will also always be used to help in the planning and carrying out of activities to ensure a holistic and inclusive childcare setting which caters for the whole child, including their individual specific needs.

• Staff will promote children in their independence and development of a wide variety of skills, which in turn will promote school readiness and provide them with a solid base for their future.

Once complete, please email or drop into the centre.

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